The Patience of the Pomegranate

My last two posts have been about trying to conceive, so here’s one about learning patience, and my favourite subject of all: food.

So today I found a very large pomegranate in the supermarket – I love a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and so took it home to commence the battle immediately: me versus the pomegranate.

image1A pomegranate makes you work for the good stuff- it isn’t like an apple or a peach where you give it a quick wash and it’s ready for consumption. Oh no, a pomegranate wants you to earn its juicy little red jewels. And so I began. I cut through the large fruit, and was immediately rewarded with a splattering of red juice all over my grey jumper.

Pomegranate: 1   Me: 0

I carefully and gently worked on busting out these red little beads for 25 minutes – talk about a test in patience! Red juice soon became a feature of my kitchen: on the floor, across the wall tiles and even on the light switch.

But it was worth it.

image2The end result was a bowl full of ruby gems which were simply amazing to add to my fantastic couscous salad (roasted flaked almonds, lemon, coriander and mint). Not that I can take credit for that – it’s from one of my favourite cookbooks, Home at 7, Dinner at 8 (@SophWrightChef ).

Lesson learnt? Sometimes amazing things are worth the hassle.

SC x


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