A Cake Escape

A short while ago I did a cake decorating class. I have no real skill at baking and certainly don’t have the patience to do anything fancy at home, but this class was a freebie and I liked the idea of learning something new.

The class was a mixed group with a different level of ability. I was immediately excited when told to choose a colour for my rose. I initially went with blue as I wanted to be different, then I switched to purple, but finally decided on pink as there was a good chance that what I was about to make may not look like a rose and therefore would need all the help it could get.

We rolled out our icing and gradually added the colour – it was exciting to watch the icing become and deeper and more satisfying blush of pink with every drop of colouring I added. And then came the constructing the rose part – we broke off a number of tiny balls from our coloured icing and squished them all flat with our thumbs. Then, following the teacher carefully we started with one squished piece and gradually added the additional pieces to it, overlapping and moving it round as we went. Probably not the most technical explanation I could give, but it was much easier than I thought and I didn’t reach the “I hate this and I’m throwing it all in the bin stage”  – which is a plus for me.

10369921_475603342586206_7934521067867650278_nNext we made the leaves, which involved pressing newly made green icing into little plastic templates. We were rewarded with perfectly shaped little leaves for our rose to nestle in.

And here is the end result, I was thrilled with it! It was lovely to lose myself for an hour or so in learning something new and to have something to eat at the end of it too, well that was just an additional bonus!

SC x

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