Q: How are you? A: I’ve got my period

So I’ve noticed that I talk about my period too much. When it shows up, I cannot resist telling my poor unsuspecting friends and family every single month. When we first started trying I arguably did a silly thing and told a lot of people. I was excited: M and I have been together since 2001 and so it was fun to spreading the news. I really wish I hadn’t now.

But, as time has passed, I realise that I have this compulsive need to announce to people that my period has arrived, and to let them know that once again I am not pregnant. I don’t like the idea that they might be wondering if I am, and now I’m in the habit of talking about it each month, I can’t really stop! I don’t even really want the possibility of me being pregnant to cross their minds as it feels like an additional layer of disappointment that is out of my control.

I don’t know anyone else that rambles on about their periods as much as I do. I guess because they are such a big part of my life (I have debilitating period pain), but I do hear myself sometimes and realise that it’s not the easiest thing for someone to respond to.  I’m due my period this weekend (see I’m telling the world now, I just can’t help myself) but I am going to try and challenge myself this month not to talk about it to my long suffering friends and family!

SC x


3 thoughts on “Q: How are you? A: I’ve got my period

  1. I also do that, partially for the same reasons as you and partially because they hurt pretty much. Once a month I cringe to a bunch of misery and have to take a painkiller if I’m at work. like right now for instance. Hold on!

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