Ending Sunday night on something cheerful

For those that like cats, I wanted to introduce my two, Freddie (Mercury) and Lucy. These two make me smile even when I really really don’t want to. If you hate cats, sorry about the photos, they won’t appear often 🙂

SC x

IMG_3181 IMG_2964


4 thoughts on “Ending Sunday night on something cheerful

  1. When I read one of your cats was called Freddie, I started singing….”Cats!!! Ahhhhaaahhhh, savours of the universe! ” (From Flash Gordon in case my musical notes don’t translate well on the internet).
    They are particularly cute looking kitties!


    • Ha – I got Flash Gordon reference immediately! Massive Queen fan – hence Freddie Mercury the cat 🙂 he’s a proper queen as well, doesn’t like to go outside, sits in cosy blankets all day and prances around the house – a proper Freddie! x


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