Google Abuse

Dear Google,

I’m so sorry for the abuse last month, it wasn’t big nor clever, and I will try and be better next month.

I’m confess I wasted my precious my precious time and yours by searching the following:

  • can a cold delay ovulation
  • my breasts usually hurt after my period, but pain came later this month
  • how quickly does acupuncture help you get pregnant
  • breasts hurt more at the front than the sides bfp?
  • nipples look darker bfp
  • feeling bloated tww
  • headaches three days in a row following ovulation
  • Sinus pain early pregnancy sign
  • mouth ulcer two early pregnancy sign
  • feeling cold tww bfp
  • feeling shivery tww bfp
  • fish oil helping fertility
  • runny nose tww
  • having a nap in tww bfp
  • breasts feel heavy bfp
  • 10dpo bfn followed by bfp
  • 12dpo bfn followed by bfp
  • 12dpo nauseous
  • burning feeling in throat tww bfp
  • cramps felt different this month
  • cramps didn’t follow ovulation like usual
  • negative test but then positive test
  • awaking early two bfp
  • first response stats
  • first response accuracy
  • ovulated later than i thought bfp
  • spotting 14dpo bfp
  • twinges in stomach tww

Hmm I can’t decide which one I’m most proud of.

And these are only the ones I remember….this was despite not even trying at the right time this month ( I then became convinced I might have ovulated late and therefore got it right anyway)

Yours shamefully

SC x

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