Dressing to Impress

I bet from the title you thought this blog would be about dressing well to make yourself feel better. Erm no….I just wondered whether anyone else dresses like total shit when they are chilling out at home, or do people actually manage to look decent?!

IMG_1841So tonight, I got home and it was really warm, so I threw on my elasticated skirt with no shape (doesn’t that sound great? why do I even buy this stuff?) and a vest top. But then, after a little while, I was cold, so I put on my weird black and red turtle neck jumper that I bought in Barcelona (at the time I thought it was funky and cool  – turns out it was not). And then, my feet were freezing, so I found some really trendy snoopy socks in my drawer, expect I could only one orange and one green. And there we have it, the perfect look. Do you think this is a look for Vogue? I caught sight of myself in the mirror and couldn’t help laughing. I’m sure M sees this and realises what a lucky boy he is…. Just call me the Fashion Queen….


7 thoughts on “Dressing to Impress

  1. Amy M. says:

    When I’m home, and especially if I know I don’t need to go out for anything, I’m in my pajamas. And I wear scrubs for work, so that’s pretty much wearing pajamas too! I live a life of comfort lol!!


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