Just the 3.5 year hiatus

Wow, so I’m back on my blog! Just the 3.5 year hiatus then: I think if I have any followers left I’ll be lucky…..!

So I set this blog up when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant – we started trying for a baby in 2014 and pretty soon it was all consuming.

For us though, it didn’t happen. If you had told me back then that it wasn’t going to happen for us and there would be no baby I would have been Heartbroken. Devastated. Lost. And I’ve honestly been all of those things over the years, many many times over.

But something has been emerging recently: a new me, someone with a deeper appreciation for life, respect for my body, someone who is excited for the future with dreams that are different from when I was younger but just as exciting. I haven’t arrived here overnight – oh no, it’s been a long journey, and everything isn’t “perfect” because it never is, and that’s ok.

But you know what, I’m going to continue my blog because I love it. I will talk about our infertility, but will I also be talking about the life I have now, what makes me happy, excited, sad, confused. It’s so very cathartic to write your story, and send it out there to be found.

See you in 3.5 years (just kidding!)

SC x

PS may I just say that I’m so happy for some of those women I used to follow and are now mothers to one, or even two kids!

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