Hi and welcome to my site. I’m excited to use this platform to write, share and learn!

I actually set this blog up way back in 2015 – we’d been trying to get pregnant for over a year and I found it cathartic to write about. Fast forward another three and a half years, and everything has changed. There’s no baby, it wasn’t on the cards for us, but I’m finally in a good place of acceptance and ready to start writing again.

You may have noticed that I mention a lack of patience in the title of this blog: this is an integral part of my character and something I struggled with when dealing with infertility. Have I become more patient as a result? F*** no!

My husband and I love to paddle board, we developed it as a joint interest a few years back and it now dictates many of our weekends, most of our holidays, and we have no space in the garage. I’m finally starting to realise that simple things genuinely make me happy, and that helps to keep me level: particularly during harder times.

Anyway, I’ve taken some time to revamp the site a little, get it ready for a new chapter that I’m more than ready for!

Hope you enjoy visiting.

SC x




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Vanesa Adell says:

    I like your blog. You have a new reader. I’ve started one more or less for the same reason (thethirtysomethingblogger.wordpress.com). I would learn also the Art of Patience. My hubby and I have been trying to conceiving for two years and after a 3 IUI processes and a miscarriage (3 weeks ago when I was 14 weeks pregnant), I need to be patient to start again to fight for our dream.

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