London – City Love

I live just 15 minutes from London on the train, so I’m there pretty regularly – however today I found out last minute I had a meeting in the City (financial district), which is an area I rarely go to. The meeting finished at 4pm and I had arranged to meet a friend for dinner a little later, so I had a few hours to just mooch around, and today I found that my lovely London really helped me to slow my mind down and relax.

I sat in the beautiful sunshine by the river Thames and ate popcorn, and then walked along the river edge to St Paul’s Cathedral. I love thinking about the history of London, it somehow calms me and gives me a settled and cosy feeling. It gives me a chance to use my imagination and I make up people in my head and stories to go with them. Evidence of past lives and stories are all there if you look close enough – they make London what it is today.

And modern London is always so full of life- it’s always vibrant and just radiates energy that you can’t describe unless you are there. And I love how it’s possible to completely blend in with the place – everyone is just busy getting on with their own lives. I know that this is the very thing that some people don’t like about huge cities, but for me, it’s such a comfort and I will never tire of lovely London. Few photos below from earlier today 🙂